Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Precious Babies: Morgyn and Prestyn

M- Is for the MANY times that you have thought of your precious daughter.

O- Is for the place in your heart that ONLY she can fill.

R- Is foralways honoring Morgyn by REMEMBERING her.

G- Is for GOD who holds your baby safely in His arms of love.

Y- Is for how you YEARN for more time with her.

N- Is for the beautiful NAME you gave your little girl.

P- Is for the PRECIOUS moments that you had with your little boy.

R- Is for REMEMBERING him with such great love.

E- Is for the ways in which Prestyn ENRICHED your life.

S- Is for how he is SAFE in heaven waiting for you.

T- Is for all the TEARS you've shed since the day he left.

Y- Is for the YEARS that you have longed to hold him again.

N- Is for how you will NEVER forget your baby boy.

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