Thursday, June 7, 2012

All This Emptiness

Tucked away deep inside,
is where my emptiness hides.

Its hard to let people see ,
all the nothingness left inside me.

I must be so full of sin,
to have so much pain with in.

My emptiness begins with no love,
I even  question a lack of care from above.

Then you have the fact that nobody cared,
That my babies lives weren't spared.

Then there's the part that my family walked away,
instead of keeping me safe that day.

Will I ever feel safe again,
Will God fill the emptiness with in.

How do i tell her I can't bare her pain of loss too,
When mine still feels so very new.

How do I stop my heart from caring,
for so much pain I am baring.

I try so hard for her to be strong,
But how do I stay strong for so long.

God please come take this pain away,
I can't carry anymore today.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Precious Pure Flower !

L- is for how much your mother LOVES you.
I- is for how IMPORTANT you will always be to your mommy.
L- is for the difference your LIFE has made.
Y- is for how much she YEARNS to hold you.

K- is for how your memory is KEPT alive in your mommy's life.
A- is for the ARMS of Jesus who holds you close.
T- is for the precious TIME that your mom got to have with you.
H- is for HOW Jesus was with you and mommy since your beginning.
E- is for EACH life you have changed.
R- is for how you will always be REMEMBERED.
I- is for the INSPIRATION your life has been to many.
N- is for how your mommy will NEVER forget her precious Lily.
E- is for EVERY blessing you brought to her life.

Monday, May 21, 2012


D- is for how DEAR you will always be to your mommy.
A- is for how your mommy will ALWAYS remember you.
L- is for how how very much your mommy LOVED you.
E- is for EACH day that she longs to hold her sweet Dale.

J- is for the arms of JESUS who holds you in heaven until she can.
R- is for how much your mommy REALLY misses you sweet boy.

Written in honor of Dale Jr and his Mommy who loves and misses him so very much!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day My Precious Babies

Because it is Mother's Day and my children can not honor me I wish to honor them on this special day.

C- is for how much I CHERISH you my first baby.
H- is for how I long to HOLD you in my arms.
R- is for how much I REMEMBER the day you came.
I- is for how very IMPORTANT you will always be to me.
S- is for how you are SOMEONE I will never forget.
T- is for how ver hard I TRIED to protect you.
O- is for how thankful I am for the OPERTUNITY to be your mommy.
P- is for how I am so thankful that you are a PART of my life.
H- is for HEAVEN where I hope to see you again.
E- is for EACH day I have longed to have you back.
R- is for how I hope you REALIZE how much I love you.

T- is for the TIME I was able to hold you and spend with you.
I- is for the IMPACT you have had on my life.
A- is for how much I desire to hold you in my ARMS again.

E- is for EVERY moment we had together.
R- is for how I will always REMEMBER you my baby boy.
I- is for how INCOMPLETE I feel without you in my life.
C- is for being my precious CHILD.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Hurt!

Tonight my heart is broken,
Because my babies I have not forgotten.

I just have to weep,
Because the hurt is so deep.

Do I try in vain,
To handle all the pain.

How do I hold on for so long,
Doesn't God know I'm not strong.

I have so very much to bare,
Does God even care.

Dear Lord hold my aching heart in your hands
bring me a little peace tonight I beg.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Precious Babies: Morgyn and Prestyn

M- Is for the MANY times that you have thought of your precious daughter.

O- Is for the place in your heart that ONLY she can fill.

R- Is foralways honoring Morgyn by REMEMBERING her.

G- Is for GOD who holds your baby safely in His arms of love.

Y- Is for how you YEARN for more time with her.

N- Is for the beautiful NAME you gave your little girl.

P- Is for the PRECIOUS moments that you had with your little boy.

R- Is for REMEMBERING him with such great love.

E- Is for the ways in which Prestyn ENRICHED your life.

S- Is for how he is SAFE in heaven waiting for you.

T- Is for all the TEARS you've shed since the day he left.

Y- Is for the YEARS that you have longed to hold him again.

N- Is for how you will NEVER forget your baby boy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Babies

Babies are a blessing,
Of this I'm confessing.

They enter our lives in a quiet way,
But with us they could not stay.

We knew they'd hold a special place,
When we looked upon thier face.

The dreams we had ,
As thier mom and dad.

We had to leave unfinished,
But our love for them has not deminished.

Now they are gone away,
But in our hearts they'll always stay.

When they left we felt life wasn't fair,
But we can give our pain to God in prayer.

When we don't know what to do,
God will help carry us through.

God will hold our babies in his love,
Until we go to heaven above.