Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day My Precious Babies

Because it is Mother's Day and my children can not honor me I wish to honor them on this special day.

C- is for how much I CHERISH you my first baby.
H- is for how I long to HOLD you in my arms.
R- is for how much I REMEMBER the day you came.
I- is for how very IMPORTANT you will always be to me.
S- is for how you are SOMEONE I will never forget.
T- is for how ver hard I TRIED to protect you.
O- is for how thankful I am for the OPERTUNITY to be your mommy.
P- is for how I am so thankful that you are a PART of my life.
H- is for HEAVEN where I hope to see you again.
E- is for EACH day I have longed to have you back.
R- is for how I hope you REALIZE how much I love you.

T- is for the TIME I was able to hold you and spend with you.
I- is for the IMPACT you have had on my life.
A- is for how much I desire to hold you in my ARMS again.

E- is for EVERY moment we had together.
R- is for how I will always REMEMBER you my baby boy.
I- is for how INCOMPLETE I feel without you in my life.
C- is for being my precious CHILD.


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  1. I pray you had a peaceful Mother's Day, celebrating the life of your sweet children.

    I found you from Tesha's link-up.

    I love how you wrote out the names like that. I think I'll do that with my daughter, Lily Katherine's, name as well! :)

    I'd love to have you follow along on my blog: